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Live simple, Think smart, Love always...

Is the best way! =)

In Memoriam

Molily Leon Velarde Ruiz Huidobro (01.17.1935 - 07.29.2016)

Wifredo Dalmau Castañon (10.22.1924 - 01.07.2014)

Roses & Lions ®


Long, long time ago when the Milky Way and Solar System were developing and the Earth was cooling down, I evolved from the inorganic into the organic world. Millions of years went by, I went through infinite mutations until I finally turned into a Homo sapiens var. sapiens. The past 1000 years evolving under a same linage, living almost under the same mediterranean climate conditions, but a changing environment. I was born the youngest out of eleven and was named Maximo. I lived my first years as part of a traditional catalan family, that migrated South, some 126 years ago now. A place called San Isidro, surrounded by massive flora. After a great spanish start over there, decided to move on and learn some more about the blue planet and its fauna. So, at the age 14 begun my trip to the North to a lovely place called Cocoa Beach, new interactions were good, a bit scary, but fun. Now english had started to flow in my veins. Some months later moved further North to Muscatine, more interaction, more fun, things were getting there. The fauna and the flora was already, at the tip of my fingers, but still thirsty and hungry. So decided to move East and across the ocean and landed at a valley travelled by a river, Tübingen. Neue Sprache, Sehr Gut! More interaction, got the chance to meet other travellers like me. German was now flowing through my veins, a new experience, but the interaction was better, the variety of the fauna got me busy, a great discovery. Missing the family with which I grew up, so took the helm turn the rudder heading back Southwest. Chance to compare, to revive, to rebreathe my birth, time to learn some more, but no longer empirically. Focused, and set my target on "Spiritus Ubi Vult Spirat", a new achievement, a lot of learning, got bored after three years, and decided to go down to the subworld, a lot of party going on down here. Mon amour!! Vocabulaire nouveau: work, stress, gunter, glieben, glauten, globen and rock n´ roll. Interaction!!! Three years later spread my wings, and set up Northeast, flying, left, right, Left? hmmm... right. Yes, right. Landed on a wonderful Island, but got my wings cut, talked to focus once more, focus to talk, think and act, and learn, and wonder. Years have healed my wings, able to fly again, able to seek new fauna and enjoying the flora for millions of years to come. Maximo Dalmau

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